Prathima Group

The Prathima Group is a diverse, multi-disciplinary business entity with interests in health(Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences & Prathima Hospital), energy (Elgen Project), infrastructure (Prathima Infra) , manufacturing (Prathima Industries), telecom (Netxcell), entertainment (Prathima Multiplex) and hospitality (Prathima Regency) sectors. Entry, growth and future in each of these sectors have their twin foundations in service and future-readiness. Across the Group’s forays into various sectors, you can experience the many illustrations of these twin foundations. Our emerging and continuing story is one where people from several walks of life have benefited from connecting with the Prathima Group.

This idea of “share while you grow” has been taken to the next logical level by our Group Chairman Shri. Boinipally Srinivas Rao, who instituted the Prathima Foundation to further the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda of the group companiesand has around 4000+ employees.