A diverse Group means a diverse set of opportunities and many geographies. Common to all of these, of course, is our respect for the individual and the commitment to meritocracy. Choosing to work with us can be demanding, challenging and bring lots of freedom with accountability. At all levels, employees of the Prathima Group are singularly focused on their jobs with a generous endowment of workplace transparency and two way communication both upward and downward.

A large Group can very quickly turn into an ocean of levels. Here at the Prathima Group we have successfully maintained the closeness of a family, yet married this kinship into professional expectations.

Freedom at the workplace ensures agenda fixing to meet business goals becomes a strategic one-time exercise. After which, every level is ‘expected’ to deliver. From the corporate side, the responsibility is to provide the requisite resources and an environment suitable for working beyond the call of duty.

We have been doing it successfully across our business units and organizations. Brought together a pool of talent and harmonized them in a circle of achievement, service and social relevance.

No wonder we have technology experts and doctors, entrepreneurs and managers, all charting the unique Prathima journey into the world…