Think about Netxcell. And several smart solutions come to your mind.
To say we are living in the era of the mobile phone is understating the pervasiveness of both the technology and the habit. Consider this: smartphones, urban civilizations, ways of communication, pathways of entertainment, modes of seeking information and the disarming pace of media convergence- all seem to be in the throes of radical transformation and opportunities.

How can we be far behind then?

In fact we at the Prathima Group have been far ahead. We launched the first SMS service in India and perhaps pioneered the creation of mobile advertising modules. Way back in 2000, when India was just slowly opening its eyes to the telecom revolution, we were there spotting an opportunity ahead of others.

Our forays apart, what are we as a Group doing in this area. The answer is simple: ‘To the part of a Growing India,