Our presence in real estate has had interesting fallout.That of an honest, quality – conscious developer. We see this as an intangible equity.

For the soul they ought to be a Sanctum. One that is pristine, close to nature and has several undiscovered facets of luxury. Here at the Inner Sanctum, you could choose to drive down, on fly in to the helipad in the site. Whichever way you do it, it is about 10 minutes from the landmark ISB in Hyderabad.

We have called it the Inner Sanctum. For the soul a luxury of a lifetime. Here in 25 acres of land you can partake of a community of like-minded, elite individuals. 105 villas stand as warm, luxurious sentinels of the high life. Silent and stately. Each villa is more than just a statement. It is about allowing the body and soul to live in a harmony of well deserved prestige, workmanship and security.

Give the Inner Sanctum a good look. A select few will be fortunate to awaken to the longing for luxury in their souls.