Our corporate identity

It is the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. As we open out to the world, we thought it was befitting to demonstrate a new vigor and renewed commitment to be part of the vibrant and needy India. Riding on the endearing story of beauty, light and hope is our new corporate identity.

Symbolized in that eternal metaphor- the lotus, which perhaps came from the heavens, is our unfolding movement. One, which signifies like the many petals in the lotus, our ability to explore different sectors and geographies.
If diversity is one facet, our relevance too is many petalled. We are built on the twin foundations of service and future-readiness. Size and seamlessness akin to the lotus? Take in the play of harmony, imaginative overlaps and the sense of freedom the lotus exhibits as it rises to the sun. With optimism and resilience. That is our Group, team and corporate citizenship. Our many faceted reflection. We call it our 'Prathima' (meaning reflection and a standard). Our journey of light, hope, ingenuity and empathy has blossomed. It is a renewed and invigorated step into the future.