Life at Prathima

We believe working with the Prathima Group is transformational. The reasons for this are many.

Freedom at work

We work on trust and believe when we endow people with it they build institutions. It has been our experience over the last twenty years or so. Freedom at work is an experience for many who work here. It is about setting their own goals and aligning them into a larger organizational perspective.

Leadership and opportunities

We are growing. So chances are that you will have a ladder where the steps are growing and you can plan your rise upwards. With our diverse portfolio it also means harmonizing of experts and their experiences . Learning and mentoring go hand in hand with training man days and the responsibility of running units. Leadership is about responsibility and rewards. We believe that works.

Communities matter

Several of our activities have had their genesis in community service and are facing the society for continuing delivery of benefits and services. The same philosophy prevails amongst individuals who have chosen to give back some part of their time and efforts t o the community. Within the Group, without loud statements of CSR there is a good amount of work happening at various levels of engagement. It is left to the individual to imbibe that spirit.