We respect good leaders.
We are Prathima.
Good leadership is a careful journey. It is a strategic imperative and is not an easy task. In these turbulent times and amidst the growing demands of an accelerated Indian economy it means having leaders with vision, sense of urgency and a perfect understanding on the ground. Leaders are thus required at all levels of the Group and the member organizations. At the Prathima Group, we believe in building strong leaders and giving windows for the leaders-to-be too. This philosophy is an important organizational commitment. We respect good leaders. We are Prathima.
The Indian operations are spearheaded by the group's Chairman,
Mr B Srinivas Rao. An enterprising personality in his own right, Mr B Srinivas Rao has initiated several new ventures within the group. With his vast experience and sound business acumen, he has been instrumental in the group's strategies and diversification forays. An experienced team of senior management and executives ably assist the board of directors in decision making and implementing various activities of the group.