Hyderabad is in for some soul enhancing luxury. The Prathima Group has announced the launch of the niche , sterling quality villas in a massive 25 acre expanse. Designed to be signature and with some pristine settings this destination living haven is a virtual sanctum for the rich and famous. Quiet surroundings where the sites and sounds are from nature. Creature comforts in the form of a sprawling 50,000 sq feet clubhouse. Residents interestingly can choose their mode of travel. Their own cars or the heli-shuttle.

Aptly christened as the Inner Sanctum this is perhaps timely and heavenly'? It has been conceptualized to be a living space that is bound by the stars and exacting standards of some of the world's finest architectural inputs.

This then is the abridged story of Inner Sanctum. 105 villas. Close to 25 acres. One unabashed compliment to your taste and position.