For us at the Prathima Group, healthcare and its delivery mean service first, profits later.
instance… Karimnagar is a Class I town, a district headquarter though, many have found our setting up of a tertiary care level hospital here a bit unusual.

Perhaps the answer lies not in a business plan, but in the heart and soul of the land we come from – Karimnagar and the adjoining districts. Their need is for the best facilities possible without worrying about investments, scale and break-evens.Perhaps as good as what one could get in an urban setting? So we set it up in 1998. An 1100 bed fully equipped healthcare facility. 14 specialties, integrated radiology and diagnostics, blood bank with plasma and other facilities, full fledged cardiac, surgical and medical ICUs.

Prathima Hospitals

As part of the blue print for future expansion, Prathima is escalating their bed strength to 1500 by introducing the cutting edge and contemporary multi super speciality Prathima Hospistals in prime centres of Hyderabad (Kachiguda & Kukatpally).