Would you disagree if we say that at the heart of India is a media-aware, highlyaspirational, new experience-seeking Indian? So we envisioned a network in hospitality & entertainment centers.
    Here are some interesting statistics for you:
  • Multiplex revolution started in India in 2000.
  • Today there are 25 players and close to 2000 screens are in multiplexes across the country.
  • Initially a city phenomenon, the multiplexes have also started dotting the city’s outskirts and fast penetrating class I towns.
  • Concurrently cinema distribution, digitization of both the entertainment software and the signal has heralded a new era of distribution liberation and growth.
  • India and its populace is film loving. Close to 10000 films get produced every year.
  • Plus everyone today wants the good life? Coffee shops, video games, gaming points, eateries and out-of-home entertainment-all are attractive consumption trends.