The Elgen project has been conceptualized to be eco-friendly, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and more importantly a commitment to generate employment and valuable development inputs.
Power generation for Elgen is more than just a project. It is an India-facing stride, a timely and needed contribution to changing and growing India.

Location is a critical component of a viable energy project.

The location has to have the twin advantages of:
  • Proximity and easy access to gas supply.
  • Proximity of power sub-station and distribution centers for quick, efficient and cost effective power evacuation.

On both these counts Elgen is in a vantage position. The 400 acre plant is very close to the highway (Rajiv Rahadari connecting Hyderabad to Karimnagar) and enjoys enviable connectivity access to the gas pipelines of India’s largest private and public sector gas-generation companies.