Education and the Prathima Group has been a pre-set journey.
Located on 40 acres of land the Institute is self - contained.Teaching and living facilities on the one hand, a 800 bed hospital on the other. It attracts students from across India and several non-resident Indians. Experienced faculty shares their learnings amidst a spacious campus and a large well-equipped library with close to a lakh plus titles and a 50,000 sq feet area. Open 24x7x365, the library boasts of books, publications, research journals for both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Reference material for teachers is an important part of the library’s assets.

The institute has so far had 600 students pass out from within its portals. In fact, the Institute’s alumni boasts of gold medalists and merit students at the all India level.

Working hand in hand with the well-researched pedagogy are the rural outreach programs and the CME exchanges. The Institute’s students on an average spend close to 6 man-days a month in rural outreach. Which mean their exposure to