Education and the Prathima Group has been a pre-set journey.
Education is a standard setting journey for us. Our chosen areas are professional education for the moment. Specifically medical education and nursing education. How do we at the Prathima Group see this foray?

Medical Education

First medical education. It is for us a continuing aspiration to be global in standards. More than a decade ago, much before the dawning of the potential of the education space, we decided that Karimnagar will be our location and scale will be our objective. Even on the founding day, we were clear that the initiative would steadily evolve from an undergraduate medical education provider to a research institution. It is well on its way and we are proud of that. But more importantly, we are aware that with the world becoming so well connected, it is important for the student to have global exposure. The Institute has a preferred relationship and exchange collaboration with the Medical Institute in Ohio, USA.