Profit is not the only motive, which ought to drive a corporation’s efforts. Commitment and an oath to serve the needy are also relevant requirements in a society.
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There are no set rules for success. Corporations, business groups and leaders perhaps have a set of uncommon characteristics. Like the ability to take considered risks? The foresight to imagine with clarity, the emerging business horizons? The wherewithal to marshal efforts and teams towards unified goals? How has our unassuming, quite corporate journey been?

Enterprising. Indigenous. Idea-driven. Society-facing. Diverse. And with all those uncommon characteristics which determine success, which have been visible in more than just one sector. Our entry into telecom – short messaging services and mobile advertising platforms happened before India joined the mobile boom. Infrastructure creation – focused public utility creation such as water supply pipelines, earth excavation for dams, was our foray a few decades ago. Interestingly, when entertainment and quality of life has become so central to our existence, our detour in this area is to create a network of entertainment complexes in class I towns. Professional education and empowerment through skill creation is an ongoing journey for us. Our postgraduate medical education efforts and nursing education initiatives mean world class facilities on one hand and the evolving of the non-urban, economically challenged individuals into empowered nursing professionals on the other.